July 30, 2011

Purple Gromwell/紫草皂
500g Batch

25%, 125g Grape Seed Oil
20%, 100g Canola Oil (Houttuyniainfused)
18%, 090g Palm Kernel Oil
15%, 075g Canola Oil (Purple Gromwell infused)
15%, 075g Unrefined Shea Buttter
05%, 025g Castor Oil
02%, 010g Cocoa Butter

61g NaOH
270g Freezed cow milk

My sister says no more oatmeal, please!!!
Even she loves that scrap feel but she also have her kids use same soap for shower so…Okay! no more oatmeal~

When I dissolve lye with frozen milk, I used bit too much milk so when all the lye are dissolved there still a big chunk milk cube…

I went to computer room to check email to wait for the milk cube to be dissolve complete, but…I spend too much time in front of computer…
I was bothering by co worker and cannot sleep at that night so I get up around 4am that day, when I check email, I decide to tell everything to my boss and want him to do something about it, so…I spend 2 hours to type the email….@@

after click the "send" button, I back to kitchen.
O - MY - GOD ! ! !
The lye solution is no longer a liquid but…mash potato!!!
oh! no!
I…I….I still use it to making soap - what to see what will happen
well, I think it still able to work but the problem is, I did not completed smashed "mesh potato" - I found out inside of soap still shows tiny small piece of "mesh potato" @@ WHOOPS!

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