November 12, 2011

Kids Shampoo Bar

2302g batch

43%, 980g Infused Safflower Oil (Rosemary, Ginseng, lavender)
28%, 650g Organic Coconut Oil
15%, 340g Red Palm
14%, 332g Infused Rice bran oil (Mint, Ginseng, lavender...)

317g NaOH
822g Water

Clove leaves essential oil

My little one is a good boy, he shampoo his hair every day, with mop soap to his hair twice!!!
So suddenly my shampoo bar just gone!
I mean, gone!
I already place the very last one into his shampoo soap dish for him to use…
I even trade couple shampoo bar from Anita Also trade with Amy
I really have to make big batch this time to stock up for my little one!

Was plain to make 2KG but when I pour oils,
my brain was not function!
By the moment I wake up I already pour too much rice bran oil!!
So I have to recalculated and it become 2300g batch (which is only a good thing for me to stock up more)

I put lots of herbs into oil to both safflower oil and rice bran oil for almost years.
I put lots and lots of ginseng and rosemary so the oil/soaps got full of the nature ginseng scent and color is dark green~ just love it!

I did put a very tiny bit soft nature pine resin (I got them from big bear lake!!!)
try to help to speed up trace cause I don’t want to use blender – I totally forgot about the rice bran oil also is killer…
So, the soap went gel very, very quick and even having fever right away… OMG…
I put them into cold water to reduce the heat…(feels like I’m taking care a sick child)
that’s the reason why the soap is out of the shape…
(Now you know why I post a “group” picture, ha!)
I’m going to make another batch for myself next!

小寶幾乎天天洗頭 這紅花籽油比例高的又很易軟爛
結果倒油的時候老人痴呆症發作 腦筋的算術功能突然失靈
紅花籽油多倒了些 想說那米糠油就減一些…可結果…本來只想要180克的米糠讓我倒了330克下去…
配方重算…添些椰子油 再添些水 添些鹼
挑了一咪咪到融透的椰子油裡去 不想打這兩公斤打那抹久嘛!
(可我完全忘了 米糠也有秒殺的功能)
所以入模後肥皂的溫度迅速飆高 – 立即果凍 且還滾燙的咧!
因為入果汁盒 一筒怕不有 700克左右 擔心又因溫度過高造成出油的慘案發生
所以泡冷水伺候 (天冷 自來水是挺涼的)
肥皂的味道很好! 濃濃的花旗蔘味!

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